The Hypocricy of Democrats and Clean Elections

Over at his blog at the Bangor Daily News, Matthew Gagnon has a fun piece up looking at the hypocrisy behind the Democrat Party’s support for clean elections.  Basically, Gagnon points out that the purpose of clean election funding was to remove dirty money from politics.  However, the special election in District 19, where around $200,000 was spent, shows that Democrats aren’t really all that worried about money in politics… as long as it’s their money.

Sorry that I haven’t put up much original material this week.  I’ve been pretty busy with work.  However, I promise I’ll get a few original posts over this weekend and I’ll try to get into a routine of posting at least once a day or so.  We’ll see though.

The Undercover Porcupine has been Resurrected!

Chris Dixon has a new blog post over at the Bangor Daily News, where he has a blog called the Undercover Porcupine.  The blog has been pretty inactive for the past few months, but if you’ve read it before, you know that he has written from a Republican-Libertarian perspective.  But no longer!  In his newest piece,  Dixon renounces his Republican membership.  In an unexpected turn of events, Dixon has joined the Maine Thirteen in renouncing the Maine Republican Party.  Here’s a few of the best bits:

Political parties serve no purpose. They take everyday Mainers and turn them against each other, injecting venom into the political arena. When it comes to the political atmosphere Republicans and Democrats create, the veins are filled with gasoline and the flames are all around. It’s open war for power and money. It’s not about the struggling parents, who have difficulty keeping the lights on and food on the table for their children. It’s not about the hurting businesses who are failing in a bad economy, because of a variety of conditions. About the most significance these people have to the battle is they make a solid campaign bargaining chip and sound good when referenced in a rebuttal of another politician’s disingenuous attempt at the truth[...]

Let the Independent Revolution begin. Unenroll from your political party today and let’s work on the issues that matter. Begin rebuilding today to provide a better tomorrow for our children.

Anyways, I’m really looking forward to Dixon’s blog in the coming months.  The biggest turn off for me has been that he’s focused too much on Republican infighting and party politics, instead of discussing issues.  I have high hopes for the Undercover Porcupine, as it is the most prominent voice for liberty in Maine.